French Tutoring

"French... fun and easy!"

While most students are eager to learn and develop their French skills, there is no denying: French can be difficult!

Learning can present many challenges. French teacher shortages, challenging transitions from one teacher to the next, the employment of unqualified educators, lapses in learning, etc.

At l’Académie, we value a positive and recreational approach to French-learning while insisting on excellence from our tutors and teachers. The ideal context for language-learning involves immersion and a genuine interest in the acquisition of the second-language (or third, fourth, etc.) That is why l’Académie prides itself on incorporating a multitude of strategies to support students and engage them so they can enjoy the learning experience. L’Académie supports students in reaching these goals, transforming their time as French-language learners into a more comfortable and much more enjoyable experience.

It's still French, but fun and easy!

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French Immersion & French Extended

By nature, a much more intense experience for any anglophone learner, French Immersion and French Extended classrooms teach through rich on-going exposure to French. Some students end up feeling that they cannot keep up, have decreased confidence levels. Any challenge or difficulty can greatly impact learning in any subject which can eventually lead to indifference or negative feelings towards the student’s academic experience. Through a worry-free approach, Toronto French Academy teachers can provide key strategies while teaching the language to guarantee the student's success in the French Immersion and French Extended classrooms!

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Core French

Students in the Core French classroom are tasked with learning basic skills to hold simple conversations in French. While the Core French programs exist with the intention to raise bilingual citizens, we know that few students benefit from enough exposure to French with such limited dedicated time. Still, Core French students are expected to learn skills in writing, reading, listening and speaking. By carefully following the assigned curriculum, Toronto French Academy teachers can identify the best strategies for students to navigate their French material. Together, teacher and student can develop a growth mindset that will direct the learner towards success in the Core French classroom!

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