I had no idea I was a French teacher.

My name is Antoine and I had no idea I was a French teacher until I started working in schools in Ontario.

After a years of moving across borders and re-establishing myself as a professional in the film and television production industry, I grew tired of irregular work schedules and the cut-throat business of producing entertainment.

After my first few months living in Toronto, I found myself working in classrooms across dozens of schools. This was not my typical production gig and I was still set on becoming an independent film producer some day!

Yet, months later, I found myself asserting myself as a classroom instructor for media workshops. The content I taught was not mine and I taught in English but, every now and then a student's intervention in group discussions opened my mind wide open. What's more, my first language was a great asset: I was sent to a multitude of French Immersion, Extended French and French Core classrooms. Clearly, learning a language without focus on grammar or vocabulary but rather through a passion project was an effective teaching approach. Occasionally, I was teaching a word, a key phrase or modelling correct pronunciation. I was a being these kids' French teacher! Fast forward a few years and here I am. A degree in French studies, a teaching certification on the way and I am excited and proud to offer new programs under one umbrella: L'Académie. Go on, take a peak. I can't wait for your to develop French through fun and games!

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