Feeling stuck? We've all been there! 

French Helpline is a direct online support service for students seeking help with a concept in French or understanding of materials in French as part of their work for a class. Any student completing an assignment or preparing for a project who comes across an issue in their progress may contact the French Helpline.

A French teacher at l'Académie can provide students (K-12 and Post-Secondary) with immediate clues to set them right back on track.

Each answered request costs $40. 

Terms & Conditions


Before submitting a request, please check all of the following terms and conditions : 

  1. Make sure you fully understand the expectations of your project or assignment. The clearer the expectations, the most helpful our contribution!

  2. Requests for help that are deemed too complex or require a one-on-one private tutoring session will not be addressed. We cannot guarantee that you will be notified of this.

  3. Once you have sent a request, please allow up to 48 hours for a teacher to address it. This is independent of the Due Date you indicate on the request form. 

  4. You will be contacted by email or by phone, depending on the type of request you have made. Before any support or help is given, a payment will be required by credit card or e-transfer. 

  5. You may send photos, images, PDFs, Word documents following payment.



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